Techniques Involved in Product Photography

St. Louis, Missouri (April 27th, 2018)- Zone Ten Studio specializes in product photography using a white background to deliver high-resolution royalty free photos. Even though they are based in St. Louis, they can do business for people all across the United States if the products can be shipped to them. If you own a small business with only one product or an entire company with an extensive inventory, Zone Ten can help. With the extremely quick turnaround time of only 10 business days, Zone Ten is a reliable and professional company.

They have a few options when it comes to what you are looking for in the photo. Whether you are wanting to add visual interest to your photos, they can be taken with a soft shadow. Another style that can be done is to have a reflection of your product. If you want to add depth, incorporating a reflection as the shadow can make the product really pop. Last, if you have multiple of a product, consider getting a group photo done. This shows the variety and versatility of the products you are displaying. These techniques can be extremely beneficial for ecommerce product photography. When selling products online, having high-quality images stand out on the screen can set you apart from competitors. Keep Zone Ten Studio in mind if you are ever looking for an Amazon product photographer


Zone Ten

5563 Arthur Ave

St. Louis, MO 63139

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