Coated Fabrics: Too Close To Call

Fort Worth, Texas (April 6th, 2018)- Not only can fabrics be coated with a variety of materials, these coated fabrics can be used for a wide array of things. They can be used to upholster furniture, make clothing, tents, bags, curtains, and even conveyor belts in certain industries. While there are tons of uses for different types of coated fabrics, there is a company that makes these fabrics in beautiful and vibrant designs best for fashion purposes. Anzea Textiles has vinyl, silicone, ink resistant, polyurethane, and other types of coated fabrics that all are sure to stand out from the rest.

One of their collections of coated fabrics is called Too Close to Call, which is so close to real leather that you can barely tell. These four faux leathers are easy to clean and have a built-in stain resistant finish. These fabrics are constructed as a single layer matrix to resemble the skin-like fibers to give it the look and durability of real leather. One extremely unique feature this collection has is the ability to self-heal, meaning that if you rub your fingers over a small hole, the friction will cause the fibers to basically eliminate the hole altogether. With its puncture resistance, breathability, and self-healing abilities, the Too Close to Call collection seems like the best choice.

Anzea Textiles is a company that has been around since 1990 when they began their colorful, high-performance fabric journey. The company makes their products from a variety of materials, including recycled yarn. They care about the environment and give back to the community. Check out their website that contains a multitude of woven and coated designs.



Anzea Textiles
200 N Vacek St. Suite D Fort Worth, TX 76107

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